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Razor Wire mesh

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Concertina razor wire aka prison razor wire is for medium and high security fencing. The razor blade wire like a saw razor can cut deep through intruder skin to deter unwelcome entry. In coil form, the  double edged razor wire fence can be deployed independently on ground as razor wire trap for riot control, war zone or any act of terrorism. Used in straight line form, it can be installed above wall to add security for  residence.

Installing razor wire in straight line or in coil  is very simple and very much like of barb wire

SPECIFICATION of razor wire

Material                     :  Stainless steel 304 to BS 1449

Coil  Diameter          :  500, 600, 700, 800, 960mm (68 circles)

Razor Thickness     :   0.5mm

Overall  Diameter    :   3.5mm

Barb Length              :   23mm

Barb Width                :   15mm

Barb  Spacing           :   36mm

Covered  Length        :  Approximate 9m for 68 circles per roll
                                         and 7m for 56 circles per roll   

**Different coil diameter of razore mesh can be manufactured on client request

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