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Fire Wrapping Mesh

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Galvanised welded wire mesh is placed inside concrete surface to be welded mesh fabic reinforcement. It is usually used together high steel ribbed. The welded wire mesh is to prevent concrete spalling after fire. Even expanded metal lath is used, the concrete spalling renders repair job time consuming and expensive.

For light support and for roof waterproof reinforcement, heavy duty welded wire mesh like model E49, E31 can be chosen.

Used with barb wire or razor wire, rolls of model D31, D49 can be cut into welded wire sheet or panel for light to medium security welded wire mesh fence.


Standard of welding wire meshs are in roll. However, as dictated by actual site requirement, welded wire mesh sheet s are also available on request.


Finish of  weld wire fabric :

  • welded mesh galvanized before
  • welded mesh galvanized after
  • welded stainless mesh


SPECIFICATION of welded mesh roll


BS 4483

Ref  No

   Wire eye
Main    Cross
mm       mm

Roll  Size
Width x Length
m           m

Dia of Wire
 Main   Cross
mm     mm

Cross  Section  Area
Main          Cross
mm2/m      mm2/m




100        100

1.8   x   50

2.5      2.5

49              49



100        100

1.8   x   60

2.0      2.0

31              31



50          50

1.8   x   20

2.7      2.7

115            115



50          50

1.8   x   20

2.5      2.5

98              98



50          50

1.8   x   30

2.0      2.0

63              63


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