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High Steel Ribbed
DESCRIPTION of high steel ribbed

Conventional joints require the removal of temporary timber joints and chiseling, hacking or other means to roughen the poured surface in preparation for subsequent pour. This could result in the weakening or cracking of joints, a lack of uniformity in bonding strength and even an inherently weak structure. High steel rib metal lath like metal rib lath has integral V-shaped ribs to provide added rigidity and form a permanent shuttering for construction joints.

Our hi rib metal lath is manufactured from galvanized steel sheet to BS  EN 10142 : 1991. Its main use is to replace the wooden formwork thus to save our tree and reduce carbon emission. The high rib lath use helps landlord to  score credit on LEED standard on building.


BENIFIT of high steel ribbed

Flexible Easily to be bent and cut into required shapes.
Convenient No cleaning after pouring. No bonding preparation for next pour.
Permanent Forms a permanent shuttering for construction joints, unlike temporary timer formwork which must be removed after concrete is casted. Without the need to chisel, hack or roughen the poured concrete by mechanical means.
Light-weight Easily to be handled and set.
Reduces pressure Open mesh design helps to reduce the water pressure building up on wet cement. Lesser support required.
Environment Steel is preferred over timber as it takes years to grow. Better preserve our forest.

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Code Material thickness Weight Standard sheet size
2811 28G 3.39kg / m2 445mm wide x 2500mm long or 5000mm long

*The rib metal lath  can be trimmed to different width to tailor the joint need.

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