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Hexagonal Wire Netting
Hexagon wire netting aka chicken wire mesh is firm in structure and flat surface for low security wire screen fencing against small animal in garden, farm or decoration of residence window as net wire fencing.
The wire is woven in hexagonal pattern with double twist joints which prevent  whole mesh eye from unraveling should a wire break or be cut. Sometimes, for construction site, the galvanized steel chicken wire is used together with expanded metal lath  on rooftop in waterproofing for reinforcement. Besides galvanized wire netting, stainless steel 304 is available for hexagonal wire netting screen. 
QUALITY ASSURANCE of hexagonal wire netting

Steel chicken mesh is manufactured in accordance to BS 1485:1983.

Finish of hex wire netting:

  • Hot dipped galvanised after weaving or hot dipped galvanized before weaving
  • stainless steel chicken wire

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SPECIFICATION of hexagonal mesh netting
Product Code Mesh Size  Diameter of wire  Wire designation  Roll Size
(Width X Length)
BH 12 13 mm 0.5 mm 25  0.9m x 30m
BH 20 19 mm 0.9 mm 19  0.9m x 40m
BH 25 25 mm 0.9 mm 19  0.9m x 40m
BH 50 50 mm 0.9 mm 19  0.9m x 40m
  • Special size of coated chicken wire netting is available on request
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