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Angle Bead
PROPERTY of angle bead

Angle bead aka casing bead or corner bead reinforces plaster at vulnerable external wall corner providing a straight arris while preventing it from cracking and chipping. Plaster corner bead metal wings extending from both sides anchor the round corner bead securely in the plaster.

Fix the bead with plaster dabs or nails at intervals of 600mm along the angle arch wing area , then apply plaster. The render coat should reach just below the nose level of the bead and any plaster adhering to it should be cleaned off while the plaster is still wet.  

Plaster angle bead designed for plaster depth 10~19mm two and three coat plaster work. Used with expanded metal lath and galvanise stop bead, it can improve the quality of plasterer job  to give user a long lasting and beautiful wall finish.

For outdoor application, stainless steel angle bead together with stainless steel expanded metal lath and  stop bead should be use for its corrosive resistance.

MATERIAL of angle bead
The galvanized steel used in production of plaster round corner  bead complies to BS EN 10142:1991.
For stainless steel, the material complies to BS1449: Part 2:1983 grade 304 or 316. 
The plaster bead is produced in accordance of BS6452: Part 1: 1984.
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SPECIFICATION of angle beads
Piece per box
Stainless steel


Other size of angle beading will be available upon customer request
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