galvanized barb wire, razor wire, expanded metal walkway fencing diamond metal lath lathing lath metal stucco plastering lathing
Company profile

 Established in 1997, Bethamesh Hong Kong commits to provide customer with both quality  metal meshes and expanded metal products complying with relevant British Standards.

Our product range includes plaster metal lath, plaster angle bead, plaster stop bead,  razor wire, barb wire, chain link fence, chicken mesh, brick mesh, fire wrapping welded fabric mesh and expanded metal for security fencing and walkway. Also, to combat global warming by saving more trees, we also supply high steel ribbed to replace the traditional wooden formwork.

Our unique and innovative design has found wide acceptance from all industries. Besides standard sizes in stock, our in-house cut-to-size facility undertakes the tailoring to customer drawings.

Our engineer staff is available to help contractors on material submission documentation and installation advice.

Various material grades  and finishes are available, enabling the customer to select one or other construction type throughout a structure as their needs demand.

galvanized barb wire, razor wire, expanded metal walkway fencing, diamond metal lath, lathing, lath metal, stucco lath lathing